Welcome to wonderland... a place where beauty is created from dull material, complexity out of simple functions... a hidden oasis in the barren landscape of mathematics. You have entered the world of fractals... a continent kept secret for what seemed an eternity, only recently discovered by Benoit B. Mandelbrot. Mandelbrot didn't invent the wheel or printing... he didn't sail a ship to India, getting lost... but he did discover a beauty within formulas, revealing what no one had ever witnessed before...

The fractal images you are about to see in these pages are my own creations. If you have seen them in different places on the net, you know now where they came from! Feel free to copy and distribute these images, on a non-commercial basis. For any other use I would appreciate to be consulted first. The software I used to create these is called FractInt, a program for the MS-DOS crippled personal computer. With kind regards to the Stone Soup Group!


RECENT ACQUISITIONS - Currently "Coil", retrieved from an old dusty directory - "Firepox", a glowing sea creature - "Barren", a breathtaking fractal landscape - and "Vortex", an anomaly in imaginary dimensions.

ROOM TWO - Bluedive I & II (image/animation) - Ufo (image) - Bowl (image) - Lace (image) - These pictures have something in common... guess what! Bluedive is a favourite here. If you have the link and the equipment to download large files, Bluedive's animation is definitely worth the trouble!

ROOM THREE - Zoom (image/animation) - Galaxy (image/animation) - Flower (image) - Zoom is a classic. The basic Mandelbrot set in all its beauty. Zoom's animation has appeared on quite some sites on the net... strongly recommended! Galaxy is of more recent date, and shows a different type of fractal, with a very threedimensional look.

ROOM FOUR - Twist1 (image) - Twist2 (image) - Jean (image) - The twist fractals are among my personal favourites. Very complex structured fractals, lots of detail, forming outrageous shapes. No animations here - these piccies take quite some time to calculate.

ROOM FIVE - Rose (image) - Dome (image) - Joy (image) - Some amazingly simple fractals with a very typical style. You could consider these the "modern art" among the classical fractals. Dome is not really a fractal, but the result of a bug!

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